Payday loan: Where to request it?

In a delicate period like this, even asking for a small loan can be difficult when you are afraid of not being able to pay the amount established by the contract with the financing company every month. This is why many give up, aware of the fact that they will perhaps not always be able to repay their financing in the required way. However, there are several possibilities that Italians can exploit, to obtain liquidity quickly through a loan to be repaid in installments.

Apply for a Loan at the Post Office

post office

As said, more and more Italians need to apply for a loan to meet daily or unexpected expenses. However, asking for a loan from the bank is not the only possibility, given that there is also the opportunity to contact Lite Lender .

There are several options made available by the postal company for those who need to apply for a loan. We just have to find out what they are together. Those who have an active checking account with Lite Lender can apply for the larger loan, ranging from a minimum of 1,000 dollars up to a maximum sum of 60,000 dollars.

The requested amount is paid directly to your account and can be repaid in fixed installments , with a classic French amortization plan. For the methods of repayment, both the installments and the duration of the loan are aspects that are established taking into account the availability and needs of the applicant. In any case, the time limit for reimbursement ranges from a minimum of 22 to a maximum of 120 . The installment is always debited from your personal bank account.

The online Best Bank Loan can be requested conveniently from home via digital signature. For all the other loan solutions proposed by Lite Lender, an appointment with a financial advisor must be requested. Once you have obtained this appointment, the consultant will explain the various possibilities available to you. By evaluating the different solutions according to your situation, you can thus choose the option that is right for you.

Apply for a Loan with Astro Finance

loan application

Astro Finance is well aware that those who need a loan also and above all need elasticity and so have thought of a flexible loan , which allows you to request the desired amount for your project by returning it in an absolutely personalized way.

This is why, after six installments already paid, the customer can decide to use the ‘Installment Change ‘ to change the amount of the base installment according to his needs, thereby also modifying the total repayment times. With Astro Finance, however, the benefits for the customer do not end there.

After the first six installments paid at full rate and regularly through automatic debit on current account, in fact, it will be possible to request the ‘ Skip installment ‘ option, which allows you to move the payment of the installment to the following month, extending the refund by one month overall loan granted. This useful option, which cannot be used in conjunction with the installment change, can be used for a maximum of 3 times for the repayment of the same loan, provided that the subsequent time required for the subsequent requests is met by the contractual clauses with Astro Finance.

Personalization, elasticity but also practicality. These are the three keywords of Astro Finance where the last one is concretized by the multiple channels through which it is possible to request a loan and modify it according to the different needs of each. To request a loan, in fact, the customer can connect directly to the official Astro Finance website and fill in the appropriate form to the right of the Home Page, use the Customer Area to change the amount of the installment or request to skip one, communicate with the financing company also through a very fast sms to request the installment jump.

Furthermore, thanks to the digital signature, it will be possible to sign the contract directly online and quickly send in digital format all the documentation required for the acceptance of the loan application. In this way the procedure becomes much leaner and faster and security is guaranteed by the PIN code, chosen by the customer and always valid for accessing the site, and by the OTP code , a code automatically generated every time and which is sent via SMS the number of the customer who will have to use it to access his online information.

Apply for a Loan with Andmore

Apply for a Loan with Andmore

Andmore Dunato is the financing company that allows you to obtain a small or large loan for every need in a very short time, with an installment that follows the customer’s possibilities and a flexible repayment plan that puts you in people’s shoes and understands every problem .

With Andmore, in fact, the customer can decide to skip an installment of the reimbursement, thus postponing the duration, to cancel early without penalty, to change the duration of the reimbursement or to request the modification of the installment. Through the new and immediate online formula, applying for a loan with Andmore has never been so simple and immediate. In a few steps, in fact, you can find out which installment is the best for our needs, among which repayment proposals with variable duration you can choose and how to accessorise your financing. The new loans from Andmore are in fact designed step by step.

We all start with a basic TAN rate, which can vary according to two fundamental parameters: the repayment duration and the number of installments. By entering the amount to be obtained in the appropriate form, the online system automatically establishes how many different ways it is possible to return the amount financed, also giving the user the possibility to download a copy of the various proposals directly on their PC based on the desired amount.

By filling in the whole section on personal data and the so-called additional data at this point, the customer will be able to view a summary of all the information entered and submit the loan request to Andmore which will take it into management in a few days and will contact the customer to communicate the outcome of the request. Users who need assistance during navigation can call the toll-free number indicated at any time.