Consumer credit: positive data already for the first month

The Italians begin 2018 by requesting more loans. In fact, the first month of the year compared to 2017 recorded a 3.3% growth in consumer financing requests. The data come from the CRIF Barometer. The most important boost was given by personal loans which even peaked by + 13% after constant growth for the whole of last year.

A negative figure, on the other hand, comes from “finalized loans” with a drop of -3.3%. What caused this drop? The value seems to have been conditioned by the decrease in the request for loans for the purchase of cars or goods with a smaller amount. Loans not finalized, such as the transfer of the fifth, are instead one of the most popular forms of financing by Italians.


Consumer credit 2018: “technical” data of loan applications for the month of January

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The average amount requested by Italian families also increased and amounted to 9,372 dollars, a value that is 7.4% higher than in January 2017, but not only. With this figure, the record of the last 7 years was marked with the highest average amount requested, approaching the maximum peak of February 2010 when the maximum quota reached 9,630 dollars.

60.3% of requests for finalized loans concern amounts that remain below $ 5,000 while for personal loans, the most requested figures are between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000.

The Executive Director of CRIF stated that new lifestyles and new consumer habits have favored new ways of interacting also with the credit market. For example, more and more Italians are applying for online loans and who, before carrying out a proposal from a company, calculate different estimates to find the best offer.


Consumer credit 2018: what is the average age of applicants for personal loans?

Consumer credit 2018: what is the average age of applicants for personal loans?

If you look at the distribution of requests by age group, it seems that those who have most requested personal loans are between 45 and 54 years old (about 25.4% of the total) immediately followed by those between 35 and 44 years of age with a 23.2%.

Consumer credit 2018: Italians apply for more loans already in the first month last modification.