Best Retired Loan: Does It Really Exist? Which one to choose?

Is There Really A Better Retired Loan  Is there a form of financing that offers advantageous conditions to those who receive a pension? The answer is absolutely yes!

Let’s start by saying that in Italy in recent years the number of retirees who have turned to banks and financial institutions to request a loan has increased. The sums may vary: there are those who require small amounts, but also those who need more liquidity to meet different needs. Not all pensioners, however, manage to easily repay the amounts obtained: the installments are often too high and reaching the end of the month becomes complicated.

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There is good news: thanks to the agreement stipulated directly with Social Security, we at Lite Lender are able to offer all our retired customers loans at reduced rates and to be repaid even in 120 installments in order to obtain a low installment to pay. Here you will find more information on Social Security retired loans.

Best Retired Loan: Why is the assignment of the fifth the ideal solution?

Best Retired Loan: Why is the assignment of the fifth the ideal solution?

Not everyone knows about it, but the assignment of the fifth is really the best retired loan. Why? For the conditions it offers and for the method of repayment of the amount obtained: the payment of the installment will be made directly on the pension and may not exceed one fifth of the net of the same. We see below the advantageous conditions offered by the assignment of the fifth.

  • Up to $ 75,000 can be obtained
  • Extensions up to 10 years
  • Up to 85 years of age at the end of the loan
  • Requesting it is very simple: all you need is an identity document and a health card
  • Fixed installments and rates for the entire duration
  • Aimed at all categories of Social Security pensioners
  • Possibility of obtaining a deposit on signing the contract

You can make a quote for the transfer of the fifth on this page and directly request an online quote. One of our consultants will get you a quote in a few minutes.

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